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Altelix AX100AFR™ and AX100AFRW™ are high-performance 100-series coaxial cables that feature flexible fire retardant jackets and low insertion loss. These high-performance cables feature similar quality construction and electrical performance to Times Microwave LMR®-100A-FR, Commscope CNT®-100-FR and other 100-series variants. They are also a high-performance alternative to RG316 and RG174.

Our high quality 100-series cable assemblies feature quality connectors and melt liner heat shrink to ensure years of reliable operation in all weather conditions. These High Quality Cables are Assembled and Tested in our Florida USA manufacturing facility to meet or exceed applicable commercial and MIL specifications. Standard connectors include:

  • N-Male Crimp
  • N-Male Clamp
  • N-Female Crimp
  • N-Female Bulkhead Crimp
  • N-Female Bulkhead Right Angle Crimp
  • N-Female Clamp
  • RP-SMA Male Crimp
  • RP-SMA Male Right Angle Crimp
  • RP-SMA Female Crimp
  • RP-SMA Female Bulkhead Crimp
  • RP-TNC Male Crimp
  • RP-TNC Female Crimp
  • RP-TNC Female Bulkhead Crimp
  • UHF Male Crimp
  • UHF Female Bulkhead Crimp
  • Mini UHF Male Crimp
  • BNC Male Crimp
  • BNC Male Right Angle Crimp
  • BNC Female Crimp
  • SMA Male Crimp
  • SMA Male Right Angle Crimp
  • SMA Female Crimp
  • SMA Female Bulkhead Crimp
  • SMB Plug Crimp
  • SMB Plug Right Angle Crimp
  • SMB Jack Right Angle Crimp
  • SMB Jack Bulkhead Crimp
  • TS-9 Male Crimp
  • TS-9 Male Right Angle Crimp

Altelix stocks a wide variety of popular lengths and connector configurations for quick shipment, and custom cable assemblies are also available.

To order a 100-series cable assembly, please contact us by phone at 866-660-WIFI (9434), our online Contact Form or email Altelix sales at Sales@Altelix.com.

LMR® is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems. CommScope®, CNT® are trademarks or registered trademarks of CommScope, Inc.

AX100AFR™ Series - Data Sheet