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Altelix AX240™ and AX240UF™ are high-performance 240-series coaxial cable that features a durable jackets and low insertion loss. These high-performance cables offer a superior alternative to RG8X and feature similar quality construction and electrical performance to Times Microwave LMR©-240 and Commscope CNT©-240.

Altelix AX240™ features a rugged PE jacket. Ideal for installations requiring greater flexibility than standard 240 type cables, Altelix AX240UF™ Ultra Flexible cable features a stranded center conductor and a durable TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) jacket designed for maximum flexibility.

Altelix stocks a wide number of off-the-shelf AX240™ and AX240UF™ cable assemblies. Custom assemblies are also available with quick turnaround.

LMR© is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems. CommScope©, WBC™ and CNT© are trademarks or registered trademarks of CommScope, Inc.

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