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Altelix offers a wide range of coaxial cable products tailored for unique installation and operating requirements including 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm low loss foam dielectric cables, ultra-flexible, water-tight direct burial, fire retardant, riser rated and plenum rated.

Choose the right cable for your specific application:

50 Ohm Low Loss Cable
Series Model Type
100-Series AX100AFR Riser Rated / Fire Retardant
AX100AFRW Riser Rated / Fire Retardant / White Jacket
195-Series AX195 Standard
AX195FR Riser Rated / Fire Retardant
AX195FRW Riser Rated / Fire Retardant / White Jacket
200-Series AX200 Standard
240-Series AX240 Standard
AX240FR Riser Rated / Fire Retardant
AX240FRW Riser Rated / Fire Retardant / White Jacket
AX240UF Ultra-Flexible
400-Series AX400 Standard
AX400FR Riser Rated / Fire
AX400FRW Riser Rated / Fire / White Jacket
AX400DB Watertight / Direct Burial
AX400P Plenum Rated
AX400UF Ultra-Flexible
600-Series AX600 Standard
AX600DB Watertight / Direct Burial

75 Ohm RG Cable
Series Model Type
RG11/U RG11U 75 Ohm / Black Jacket
RG11UW 75 Ohm / White Jacket