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N-Male to N-Male 400-Series Coaxial Cable Assembly

Altelix N-Male to N-Male 400-Series Coaxial Cable Assembly

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N-Male to N-Male coax cable assembly made from Altelix AX400 400-series low loss cable.

AX400 Data Sheet

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Altelix AX400™ is a high-performance 400-series coaxial cable that features a durable PE jacket and low insertion loss. This high-performance cable features similar quality construction and electrical performance to Times Microwave LMR®-400 and Commscope CNT®-400. It is also a high-performance alternative to RG-8 and 9913.

Our high quality 400-series cable assemblies feature quality connectors and melt liner sheatshrink to ensure years of reliable operation in all weather conditions. Each cable assembly is fully tested prior to shipment. Altelix stocks a wide variety of popular lengths and connector configurations for quick shipment, and custom cable assemblies are also available.

LMR® is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems. CommScope®, WBC™ and CNT® are trademarks or registered trademarks of CommScope, Inc.

Item# Item Name Our Price Sale Price Qty Add
CA400-NMNM-001F NM/NM 400-Series 1ft
$ 12.99
CA400-NMNM-002F NM/NM 400-Series 2ft
$ 14.99
CA400-NMNM-003F NM/NM 400-Series 3ft
$ 14.99
CA400-NMNM-006F NM/NM 400-Series 6ft
CA400-NMNM-010F NM/NM 400-Series 10ft
$ 15.99
CA400-NMNM-012F NM/NM 400-Series 12ft
CA400-NMNM-015F NM/NM 400-Series 15ft
CA400-NMNM-018F NM/NM 400-Series 18ft
CA400-NMNM-020F NM/NM 400-Series 20ft
CA400-NMNM-025F NM/NM 400-Series 25ft
$ 24.99
CA400-NMNM-030F NM/NM 400-Series 30ft
CA400-NMNM-040F NM/NM 400-Series 40ft
CA400-NMNM-050F NM/NM 400-Series 50ft
$ 39.99
CA400-NMNM-075F NM/NM 400-Series 75ft
$ 54.99
CA400-NMNM-100F NM/NM 400-Series 100ft
$ 69.99
CA400-NMNM-125F NM/NM 400-Series 125ft
CA400-NMNM-150F NM/NM 400-Series 150ft
CA400-NMNM-200F NM/NM 400-Series 200ft
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