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Altelix Vented Enclosures are designed to help expel heat from within the enclosure. They are ideal for installations in high temperature environments or for use with equipment that generates high heat during operation.

To browse the Altelix vented enclosures, please select from the sub categories below:

  • Vented Weatherproof Enclosures

    Altelix Vented Enclosures in this section feature two air vents which help expel heat from within the enclosure. Outdoor weatherproof versions feature vents that are covered by rain shields to help prevent rain water from entering the enclosure. Indoor vented enclosures feature removable filters for cleaning.

  • Vented Enclosures with Cooling Fans

    Altelix Vented Weatherproof Enclosures with Cooling feature dual vents and a thermostat controlled cooling fan. The low noise, high airflow fan helps maintain lower internal temperatures. The fan is wired internally so it does not require the use of the AC outlets leaving them available for internal equipment use.